Island Winds uses only the best quality lumber, hardware, and steel to produce exquisite and durable windchimes.

We use a galvanized stainless steel alloy, resistant to rust with high tonal quality. The length and diameter of the tubes determines the pitch and timbre of each note; the longer and wider the bell is, the lower the note. Each bell was tuned using a silver flute to find the perfect pitch.

This variety of tubing was carefully selected by the musician who first began tuning our chimes, so they would produce a pleasant musical scale that can be enjoyed day after day, year after year. The tubing is cut to a thousandth of an inch to give each bell a perfect pitch. After being cut, the tubing is drilled and then brought to the assembly table to be strung.

The top discs and clangers are cut from select furniture grade birch and maple lumber. These components are fine sanded, then soaked in a high penetrating exterior oil finish and hand polished as the clear finish is in final drying.


When the wood is dry, an eye bolt assembly is bolted to the top piece, then the clanger and bells are strung on using stainless steel wire. This wire is more chafe-resistant than nylon cord and doesn't compromise tonal quality as does soft braided nylon or string.

For over 30 years we have been handcrafting these windchimes with the same goal to obtain a top-notch quality product that can be listened to for many years. We are proud to offer a "Lifetime Plus One" Guarantee; bring or send back your chime at any point to have it repaired at no charge.